Hello hazers,

First of all I am happy to announce that our login plugin has been successfully replaced. As you have noticed we are now doing it a little bit different, but way much better. And that maybe requires some explanation. Now when you join the server you are send to the auth lobby and on a successful login you will be send to the normal lobby and from their you are able to join / enjoy all other servers. There is only one exception, when you join the server after 5 minutes that you left the server (on the same ip) you will be send to the server you left on and will not have to login again. (If you find a bug make sure to report it)

But now something else: our factions server. As wanted and asked by a lot of players we decided to do a full reset of our faction server on Thursday 12 February 2015. In this reset we will reset everything except of the donater ranks ofcourse. In this update we will not only reset the factions server we will also update it to the official 1.8 (1.7 clients will no longer be able to join factions). 

If you have any questions about it feel free to comment or create a forum post.


HazeServers staff team!


yonatan007 what the passwoord login sarver
minecraftfanf3 how do i register another password
minecraftfanf3 i cant get on this server anymore it keeps saying my password is wrong

Hello guys,

In this news post I want to warn you about the name change ability in minecraft that will be released on 4 February 2015. As we are a cracked server we do allow those name changes but you will lose all your stuff (tokens, inventorys, stats ...). Transfering those things would take ages for us as staff to do. But we make one exception donaters that want to do a namechange will have the permission to let their donations perks be transfered by a staff member.

And ofcourse this is also possible if you are a changing from cracked to premium as donater.

Thanks for reading!

Farezax why i cant use my premium account. When i login to my account they say unknown email or password, but i use my true pass ...
alimustaf also is this a thing we have to do change name?
alimustaf hey so I have a question about the project ur working on arnofrutos is that mean if I am alimustaf I could change my nam ...

Topvoters January 2015

arnofrutos Owner posted Feb 1, 15




The month has ended and the top 3 voters have been 
announced.  Our three winners are:
 aihin- 92 Votes
  zZFireliteZz - 90 Votes
  MCFinestJason - 84 Votes
Winners please contact Arno on skype: arnofrutos
PichudGamer I need win this month TT.TT
HappyGamer23 What are the prizes / rewards for the winners ?
Gunpowder So now the votes I made today are gone T_T thats great.

Downtime of some servers

arnofrutos Owner posted Jan 30, 15

This morning I detected that some servers were down due to an error in the panel on one of our dedicated servers. I will use this downtime to upgrade that specific dedicated server to prevent this kind of crashes in the future. 

Status of affected servers:

Walls 5 - 8: Online!

Skywars 3: Online!

Skywars 4: Online!

Xrun: Online!

Bungeecord 2: Online!

Global server status: UP

All servers are up and running again! Some updates like this coming soon for our other dedicated servers!

bradalz101 Requesting HG to come back
soldier170 too many hackers.....
zZFireliteZz The anti-hack plugin only kicks the legit players while the "hackers" don't.

Minecraft nickname changing

Brendan Haze Owner posted Jan 12, 15

Ah, the circle of game development is a beautiful thing to see in action. Minecraft's name change featurehas just reached the second stage of the time-worn process. First it was teased, and now it's been announced. Stage three, of course, is implementation—due to occur on 4 February.That'll be followed by the fourth and final stage: die-hard fanscomplaining that it's ruined the game.

Mojang's announcement revealsthat name changes will be available from the Mojang account page. There are a number of rules governing how the process will work.Expectedly, players won't be able to claim existing names. It'll take 37 days after a name change for a player's old name to be made available for all, and players can only change their name once every 30 days.

Perhaps most importantly for server owners, banned players who change their names will still be banned under their new moniker. The name change function isn't a way for jerks to circumvent their bans, but rather a way for xXx_b0ngl0rd420_xXx to feel a little less ridiculous each time they log in.

For full details, head over to

P1xelat3dPikachu One thing: If I join will I have to reset my username's password?
P1xelat3dPikachu Bonglord. Bonglord. It feels weird saying it, but ehh.
Teunknip99 GOD lol xXx_b0ngl0rd420_xXx