Topvoters of March / Extra

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The month has ended and the top 3 voters have been
announced. Our three awesome winners are:
 Coldwolf256 - 89 Votes
  ilyaaz - 87 Votes
  Gaminger - 86 Votes
Winners please contact me on skype: arnofrutos

Also another small notice. Yesterday we have released a new donater feature for our HungerGames server.
Donaters will now receive a token multiplier based on their rank.
MRGanboo arno can u please move my rank and kits from MRGanboo to MRGanbooJr
maidbik Coldwolf gg
Coldwolf256 Congratz to all the winners


[DEV] arnofrutos OwnerDEV posted Mar 12, 15

Hello guys,

This is maybe unexcepted but this sunday -> 15 / 03 / 2015 we will be performing a reset on our skyblock server. This will be the first reset we have ever done on our skyblock server and will remove all data (Islands, inventorys ...). But next to this reset we will also perform a big update in the skyblock plugin.

Some features that will be added / fixed in the plugin:

- Works 10 times faster

- Better island protection

- No more flatlands under the islands.

- Update to 1.8 and higher

EDIT: Due to the problems of yesterday I was forced to do the reset today. Enjoy your new / fresh island (with less lag)

super_sc hey if you are an admin I need help, when I go to your server (login in the server) the server kick me WHY?!?!? D:
nicolas loza no se registrarme cuando entro al server, como ago?
BoomYouD3ad When will the store be added? Thanks, BoomYouD3ad

Survival: New warp plugin

[DEV] arnofrutos OwnerDEV posted Mar 8, 15

Hello guys,

After a whole week of working on fixing the connection and auth issues I was finally able to fix those both on friday. This made it possible for me to start working on new projects again. As you maybe have noticed the /sell command is back in survival (Not everything is sellable yet but that is being worked on). Another command that was temporary disabled is the /warp command. After I saw a couple of donaters asking to re-add it, I gave it some extra priority and started coding. Which went better / faster then I thought so after 2 hours of coding I was able to finish the plugin and here it is:


/warp help:

/warp help

/warp (name)

/warp (name)

/setwarp (name)

/setwarp (name)

/delwarp (name) -> Only if you are the owner of the specified warp.

/delwarp (name)

/warpinfo (name)

/warplimit -> Those limits may be modified


I hope that you guys enjoy this new plugin and ofcourse all upcomming changes!

Also if you didn't notice there is a -15% discount till 15 March 2015

Blightwidow3 congrats haze! very clean and non buggy like last map with over 100K warps <--- just ghessing
Teunknip99 x i find it great to see that haze is back on track again! gj owners!
And1roid clap clap clap

Topvoters of february

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The month has ended and the top 3 voters have been
announced, sorry for the delay.  Our three winners are:
 alimustaf- 71 Votes
  Gunpowder - 68 Votes
  annjohan- 60 Votes
Winners please contact Arno on skype: arnofrutos
Another post coming soon. Talking about staff, recent hackings and other stuff
alimustaf thnx u Jason hope u win too this month good luck
Jason Congratulations To All The Winners ...

Hello hazers,

First of all I am happy to announce that our login plugin has been successfully replaced. As you have noticed we are now doing it a little bit different, but way much better. And that maybe requires some explanation. Now when you join the server you are send to the auth lobby and on a successful login you will be send to the normal lobby and from their you are able to join / enjoy all other servers. There is only one exception, when you join the server after 5 minutes that you left the server (on the same ip) you will be send to the server you left on and will not have to login again. (If you find a bug make sure to report it)

But now something else: our factions server. As wanted and asked by a lot of players we decided to do a full reset of our faction server on Thursday 12 February 2015. In this reset we will reset everything except of the donater ranks ofcourse. In this update we will not only reset the factions server we will also update it to the official 1.8 (1.7 clients will no longer be able to join factions). 

If you have any questions about it feel free to comment or create a forum post.


HazeServers staff team!


wolfey2900 it is not letting me login to your server each time i tried to join it keeps saying the i am trying to join a server wit ...
yonatan007 what the passwoord login sarver
minecraftfanf3 how do i register another password