Question: Minecraft version?

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Hello guys,

Me and brendan succesfully finished our school year. This means a lot for the server cause we now both have 2 months of holiday! In those 2 months we will do our best to make the server as stable and user friendly as possible. To do this we need YOU! During the next weeks we will be testing lots of new features, bug fixes and maybe even a new ?gamemode?. Finding those bugs and new features takes a lot of time for us as staff team. And this is where you guys can help us. Did you found a bug or have an idea for a new feature / gamemode? Feel free to support us and post it on the forum. 

Also I want to know which minecraft version currently is being used the most. 1.7.x or 1.8.x (Planned to update some servers to only support 1.8.x)

Which minecraft version are you using at this moment
Iwars Can u add op factions ? :/
doomixedup Can we get 3000 from every vote in survival?
Nylov Pot kit pvp with /duel

Hey guys!

I hope you're all doing well and great. Me and Arno are doing our final finals ( lol ) this week. We are going to be finnished on wednesday although we're probably going to drink a couple of cokes and waters and eat some salad. *sarcastic breath* First off we want to thank everyone for donating this month, ofcourse we're thankfull for our previous donators as well! Haze was getting really close of being closed due to donations. Normally me and Arno can always bring the donations back up cause of our activity, new updates, etc. but with finals, it was a real pain in the ass. I don't know how Arno's finals went, mine were alrighty *thinks to all these desperate moments of thinking * We'll see how it goes... 
Anyways thank you all, for donating, voting, ...
Me and Arno are planning to do bring A BIG MASSIVE update for Haze. Biggest one we would ever have done. Good luck everyone and we'll see you in a few days!

AwesomeEnder I can'y play op faction!
KingTMC Can't wait! Keep it up doods! ...
Toggle That big Update you are talking about.. is it gonna be on factions? ...

Personal Letter: Donations

[DEV] arnofrutos OwnerDEV posted Jun 10, 15

Hello everyone,

We don't post on the site very often but if we do it's most of the time about something imporant. And this time it's about something VERY important. Currently me and Brendan can not come online for the next 2 weeks (10 June - 25 June) as we have our finals for highschool. Afterwards we both have 2 months of holiday which means that we will have a lot of time to improve and add new things to the server. And we do got some sick plans for Haze. But first we have to make sure that the following gets fixed: 

As most of you already know, we are running low on donations since 2-3 months. It's no joke. Those first 2 months we were able to use money that we saved up from the other months + (we stopped some advertising) but now also those saved up donations are getting low. Even that low that we are not sure that we will be able to pay all our servers this month (and in the future). So we are going to be open to you guys about what we have and what we need. Every month we have to pay for the following things: 4 Dedicated servers (64Gb) -> 105€ Each. + 3 Dedicated servers (32Gb) -> 48€ Each + Site 30€ which is a total of 594€. And currently we only have 320€ which means that we need 280€ before 24 June to be able to keep the server online like it's right now. So we need YOU. If we are able to survive this month I can assure that we will be able to continue for a lot longer as me and Brendan have summer holiday which means new updates and hopefully also new donations.

To keep you guys up to date with the progress of our donations I will include a progress bar in this post:

[####################] 100% -> 280€ / 280€ 

We really hope to be able to continue with the server when we have finished our finals.We've come this far, and hell yeah bro WE ARE HAZE. <3

Thanks for reading,

Arno and Brendan

Herowl Arnofrutos what happened to my votes? About one hour ago I had 48 now I have 42.
Sousa_PT Arnofrutos check the votes... Herowl have more 5 votes and that is impossible... beause he only can have 3 more votes be ...
ThePorkchop007 Done Bought Kit God 1 day ...

Top voters of May 2015

[DEV] arnofrutos OwnerDEV posted Jun 4, 15




The month has ended and the top 3 voters have been
announced. Our three awesome winners are:
 zZFireliteZz - 92 Votes
  wiirexu- 92 Votes
  Sousa_PT - 90 Votes
  Gunpowder - 90 Votes
Winners please contact me on skype: arnofrutos

Gunpowder Hey Arno, could you please reply to my pm on Skype? Thanks.
zZFireliteZz Hi Arno, could you please reply to my pm. Thanks in advance.

SCB Update 13/05

[DEV] arnofrutos OwnerDEV posted May 13, 15

-*- Class Changes -*-

Ocelot: Sharpness 2 -> 3, Speed II 3 sec. -> 5 sec.
Cupid: Added Knockback I to bow
Silverfish: Iron hoe Knockback I -> Iron hoe Knockback I + Sharpness II
Pig: Pork Sharpness II -> Pork Sharpness II + Knockback I, Removed speed effect on respawn, Added speed III 5 sec. when you receive damage.
Cake: Wheat Fire_Aspect I + Knockback I -> Wheat Fire_Aspect I + Sharpness I
Star: Nether star Knockback I + Sharpness I -> Nether star Knockback I + Sharpness III
Brewer: Glass bottle Sharpness I + Knockback I -> Glass bottle Sharpness III + Knockback I

-*- Class fixes / updates -*-

Beacon: Fixed particles for scb1 & scb2, Beacon does no longer disappear on right click
Dweller: You no longer throw your sword when left clicking
Wither: Fixed WitherSkulls

                                                                      -*- Other -*-
Fixed server side lag caused by dependency that was not installed!

Thanks to Aripipo55 for his suggestions!

nikola9887 yay finally some changes in SCB
Aripipo55 Thanks arno, but the Beacon is supposed to dissapear with right-click, and act as meelee at the same time. Just like Dwe ...