Hello guys,

Previous week we as staff decided to make some changes on the server. The first thing we have planned is doing a full factions reset. So yes everything will be reseted (mcmmo, factions, map ...)
While we are reseting we will also try to fix all current bugs that make players able to get infinite money (If you know any, please comment). This reset will take place the night from sunday 26/10 on monday 27/10. Hours will be posted later on the site.

Another thing that we decided is that we are going to remove the VIP and PRO rank. Those ranks will be replaced with the current factions ranks and will be made full globally. We are doing this because we have seen that the last time not many players are instrested anymore in the VIP and PRO rank. And it will make it easier for us to manage alll ranks and add future donaters perks! One of the things that will be added in this new update is the ability to change your nickname and chat color on all servers.

This update will be rolled out in the next weeks, if we update one of the servers this will be posted on the site. Including all things we have added / removed!

PS. Nobody will lose any of his money when you bought VIP or PRO (those ranks will be converted)
bradalz101 Moderator Will i Be globally HERO ...
Rexxus Arnofrutos do you know the exact date when the top voters will be announced?
Stella_x PRO and also what rank will pro have


The month has ended (a bit late, hadn't enough time to do it yesterday ), And the top 3 voters have been 

announced.  Our three winners are:

 Magsino101 - 93 Votes

  shopritebag123 - 73 Votes

 EternityKing - 70 Votes

Winners please contact me on skype: arnofrutos

ChuckyNoSkill Why votes have alot of bugs i aleready lost 4+ votes this month that's made me to stop voting till next month :/
MH123 Yeah it's some kind of bug
~ Lachy I would vote everyday. But sadly I won't since the module only counts 1 out of my 3 votes, yet ingame it says my userna ...

Winners please contact me on skype: arnofrutos

Magsino10189 votesPremium Account
or 40€ Coupon
ilyaaz83 votes20€ Coupon

Khanh78 votes10€ Coupon
Improvement Arno I did vote before the reset of october, can you count my votes to the votes of october?
Skeletonking12 Mate atleast you have won I got like 3 votes for September AND TALLY UP THE VOTED DAMMIT
Magsino101 The vote for September hasnt been tallied yet... NOw my votes for October is mixed with my September votes...

Hello guys,

Today we are back with another episode of our factions serie! As you can see since some days we daily upload a video! We hope you guys like this and if you have any ideas or tips feel free to comment it! 

Now about the giveaway: First of all thanks to everyone for the current 75 likes!!! That is just awesome! We have decided to pick a winner tomorow so you still can enter the giveaway just by clicking on the like and subscribe button and by commenting your mc name.

Also now something about the server, as you maybe have seen, is the current /msg plugin a bit buggy since I set up the multiple bungeecords. I already started contacting developers with knowledge of bungeecord and redis bungee which seems to be not easy but we will try to fix it as soon as possible.
imlost21 Lol nice . Pigs are attracted to both now. New updates
Teunknip99 GOD lol i was killing off people while you where recording! nice videos and i hope it keeps up! greets from teun ...

Hello guys!

Today we have uploaded the second episode of our Factions serie! We have seen you guys like our videos. In only 2 days we have 400 views and 15 likes on episode 1! So because of this we do a giveaway for all you guys. If we get 50 likes on episode 2 than we will give one of the likers an awesome rank! (More info in the video)

Another small thing, since today I started working on the network upgrades (which should reduce the latency to our server for players out of Europe). If you currently have any problems feel free to contact me.

Thanks for reading!
Jeroen Niiceee 67 likes on episode 2 ;)
Dannyboy Iliked the video and my Minecraft name is XDannyX becuz of my youtube was a little glitchy i couldnt comment ther
TheMasterEngi I was playing xrun but after i went in i got banned for no reason i did not hack i just joined the server yesterday. so ...
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