Server downtime

Brendan Haze Owner posted Fri at 16:07

Hello everyone,

The server is currently down, but will be up and running on Sunday!
Thanks a lot for your patience.

Stay hazed!

Gaminger Brendan turn the OP Prison into Prison with C -> B -> A -> Free, give acces to people that reach Fr...
Nemesis_FTW The server is up but I cant login. Keeps saying Login in Incorrect.
Valdrin123 Cant wait haze will be up today


Brendan Haze Owner posted May 21, 16

Update #1 The giveaway will end within a few weeks. This is because I will promote it on my livestreams / youtube video's and will give some extra stuff away to give back to you! :)

We are doing a big giveaway for the donators who donate from now on. 
You will be able to win a Steelseries Siberia 800 headset.( worth: €349.99 ) 
Link of the product:

What do you need to do to enter this giveaway? 
Donating for Overlord rank, will give you 6 tickets.
Donating for God rank, will give you 3 tickets.

Buying tickets seperately is also possible for people who already own God/Overlord rank or for people who don't want to donate that much, but want to help the server out since we are low on donations.

Ticket price: €10,00 / ticket

Buy your ticket(s) here:

After purchase of Overlord rank, God rank or tickets, please contact me on skype to let me know!

Skype: the_brendan_333

Sharing this post with others will also increase your chances of winning! Second and third winner will get the chance to do a staff interview without all the waiting / hasttle.

ananinami41 Please help me Forgot your password server
_Lucky_Nester_ I Really Like Haze Servers Fun To Play And Has lots of Stuff To Do On It Love To Play But Cant Becouse I BEEN BANNED FOR...
URBO_003 When is factions reset dev?

Monthly Top Voters

[DEV] arnofrutos OwnerDEV posted May 8, 16




 Herowl -  124 Votes
  Frolicksome - 121 Votes
  DuskHunterZX - 112 Votes
 Herowl - 115 Votes
  nats_12 - 111 Votes
  Frolicksome  - 107 Votes

Winners please contact me on skype: arnofrutos
wolfey2900 hay i've been having trouble trying to login to your server for a year and i posted if he can reset me password soo...
MATTHIJS910 This is late but: alw3ys you set that herowl doesnt have a life? He is anyway better then you as player than you was as ...
Alterize is the factions up yet? if not when?


[DEV] arnofrutos OwnerDEV posted May 7, 16


Due to the low amount of donations we have been forced to reduce our capacity and close some of our backend servers

EDIT: Skywars and SuperCraftBrothers are accessible! (2 pm GMT +1)

EDIT: Started uploading factions to the other dedicated server this morning. (500 000 / 650 000 files have been uploaded)

Order Of The Shadow Amm i voted for the server like 7 times didnt get not 1 key on faction ._.
Reyo Does this mean their will be a faction reset?
Pyrogicon Still waiting for OP Prison


[DEV] arnofrutos OwnerDEV posted Mar 10, 16

Today: maintenance: 11 pm UTC (Reworking our backend permissions system)

EDIT: Maintenance shifted to 9 pm UTC!


Duck hey Brendan, been a while since i last played on Haze. i forgot my pass, is it possible for you o help m out anytime soo...
ItzTh3Death_ x Hai Everyone have fun everyone
LungGraphics but i hack im minecraft is name: tiny200f im hacks banned please!