Hello guys,

Today it's time for a SuperCraftBrothers update! In this update 
I have first of all converted the ranks. VIP changed to the global Emperor and PRO changed to the global King rank! If you already had a faction rank and the VIP or PRO rank mostly nothing happend. In this cases you can contact me and you will get a coupon code to spend in the shop. 
But this is not all I did. I also fixed some importans bugs reported by you guys (Thanks to the community for reporting those bugs)
Fixed Bugs:
- Witch can now use MagicBroom
- Sheep's wool color now changes
- Spider does now get Speed 3 and Jump 2 effect
- Random horse effect fixed
- Charged Creeper explosion fixed
- Sethbling revamp (Still being worked on)
- EnderDragon now has a higher doublejump + no more sharpness on sword
- ButterBro flower renamed to "Little fireball"
- Reduced Wither skeleton damage a bit + firework on explosion
- Snow Golem knockback || -> |
- MagMaCube + Slime nerf
MrLightning_ cant login can you please reset my password?
klintos pls unban me i cant play mc and my ip ais banned pls unban it
klintos pls unban me arno
Halloween sale
Halloween 2014 Sale!
- 20% Discount on all ranks + items!
alimustaf hey arnofurtos can u show me how to use coupon because I never used them and also I cant find where to put them at I che ...
Hello guys,

Previous week we as staff decided to make some changes on the server. The first thing we have planned is doing a full factions reset. So yes everything will be reseted (mcmmo, factions, map ...)
While we are reseting we will also try to fix all current bugs that make players able to get infinite money (If you know any, please comment). This reset will take place the night from sunday 26/10 on monday 27/10. Hours will be posted later on the site.

Another thing that we decided is that we are going to remove the VIP and PRO rank. Those ranks will be replaced with the current factions ranks and will be made full globally. We are doing this because we have seen that the last time not many players are instrested anymore in the VIP and PRO rank. And it will make it easier for us to manage alll ranks and add future donaters perks! One of the things that will be added in this new update is the ability to change your nickname and chat color on all servers.

This update will be rolled out in the next weeks, if we update one of the servers this will be posted on the site. Including all things we have added / removed!

PS. Nobody will lose any of his money when you bought VIP or PRO (those ranks will be converted)
klintos arno unban me pls im not using hacks im using gapples -____-
suxforyou I just got on and I lost my things and my good base and my spawner it cost so much and I didn't know what it is yet
suxforyou Will I lose all my things even my base I worked so hard to get a spawner and a great base. If I lose all my stuff I'm DO ...


The month has ended (a bit late, hadn't enough time to do it yesterday ), And the top 3 voters have been 

announced.  Our three winners are:

 Magsino101 - 93 Votes

  shopritebag123 - 73 Votes

 EternityKing - 70 Votes

Winners please contact me on skype: arnofrutos

ChuckyNoSkill Why votes have alot of bugs i aleready lost 4+ votes this month that's made me to stop voting till next month :/
MH123 Yeah it's some kind of bug
~ Lachy I would vote everyday. But sadly I won't since the module only counts 1 out of my 3 votes, yet ingame it says my userna ...

Winners please contact me on skype: arnofrutos

Magsino10189 votesPremium Account
or 40€ Coupon
ilyaaz83 votes20€ Coupon

Khanh78 votes10€ Coupon
Improvement Arno I did vote before the reset of october, can you count my votes to the votes of october?
Skeletonking12 Mate atleast you have won I got like 3 votes for September AND TALLY UP THE VOTED DAMMIT
Magsino101 The vote for September hasnt been tallied yet... NOw my votes for October is mixed with my September votes...
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