A lot of changes will come

Brendan Haze Owner posted Nov 18, 15

Hey guys, 

I hope you're all having a great time! I wanted to announce that we're going to change a lot soon!
Don't worry, I am not talking about resets / changing permissions of ranks / etc. I am talking about general changes which we absolutely need to make. We need way more staff and I would also like to have a group of players who are able to discuss things together without needing to be staff.
I know that everyone would loves to be staff cause they want to ban hackers but we need to step up our game. If we want to grown and get better, our staff will be the first thing we need to work on. If you think you are able to become a dedicated staff member and are absolutely sure that you want to become a staff member, you should apply for this!
Being a staff member will change, it will be dedicated into helping the server. There won't be much time to play around. I am looking for more mature people. ( Min 18 Y/o / Willing to give up a lot to be able to be a part of our awesome staff team which is in the making / Want to work in a team ) 


Thank you for being part of the HazeServers network!

Brendan Haze,

cramy00 why i cant join in this server it is always close
galup I would be interested, have 25, have some time between work/university/normal things of the house. Played factions (sinc ...
TheMCHD Good luck finding 18 yearolds there's not that many 18+ play on the server, but a bit of friendly advice try look for pe ...




The month has ended and the top 3 voters have been
announced. Our three awesome winners are:
 Frolicksome - 121 Votes
  nats_12- 121 Votes
  Herowl - 120 Votes

Winners please contact me on skype: arnofrutos
>(UltraPlayer)< Congratz! (Late)
SwiftNinja887 Wait how do votes get hacked?
LolerGuys Good Game! ...


[DEV] arnofrutos OwnerDEV posted Oct 15, 15

Hello guys,

Again we were not able to pay the invoice for one of our dedicated servers. And I am getting sick of it. I work damn hard on the server, give the server priority above homework and other stuff. But it seems that nobody or only a few people appreciate that and donate some $ towards the server. I think that a lot of people don't know how much we have to pay for a server like Haze. Some time ago I already posted a detailed list of things we have to pay every month. And this time I am going to do that again so that people know how hard it's to run a server. 

Side note: All data of the expired server will automatically removed after 5 days. (Nothing we can do against that)

Things we have to pay / month:

  • 3 Dedicated servers of 64Gb ram (Total: 375€)
  • 2 Dedicated servers of 32Gb ram (Total: 120€)
  • 1 Website (25€)
  • 1 License for our hosting panel (28€)
  • 1 Simple advertisement (20€)
  • 2 Domains (5€)
  • 1 Webhost (10€)

Total: 583€ 

(Previous month we received +-420€)

Please share this post with everybody you know that plays on the server.

Btw: I have added 3 new titles and MCMMO credits to the store (Maybe those will be able to save us from "the end")

The HazeServers network

AK_prince I donate 80 euro.. I love this server and i will also donate 150 euro next month.
Tottixp I need your help please, 2 months changed my password server, the password was tottixp. and switch to tupapirico and now ...
SwiftNinja887 Well I just checked donations and you guys are about 200€ I don't know what you're crying about.

In need of donations

Brendan Haze Owner posted Sep 30, 15


I hope you guys are doing all well. I want to come straight to the point and let everybody know that the server is in need of donations. Me and Arno have totally outdone ourselves on the upcoming Factions server and it is looking amazing. Anyways, we don't have enough money to cover the bills at all for the upcoming month. Arno also knows about this problem but he is going on a school trip and told me I should warn the players as well. We are totally not kidding and hope we can make it. Due to the Factions server being offline for a while, we did not get any donations. We are absolutely sure that the factions server update will bring more donations once it is online. 
I hope there are some people out there who are willing to support the server.

Thank you for understanding,

The HazeServers network team.

Tottixp I need your help please, 2 months changed my password server, the password was tottixp. and switch to tupapirico and now ...
bruno why i can't login with my password??????

Lets talk about factions.

[DEV] arnofrutos OwnerDEV posted Sep 8, 15

Hello everyone, 

As most of you have already noticed is our factions server down since yesterday. Due to an update of our BungeeCord auth plugin it failed to start on one of our proxy servers. This disabled all authentication to join our servers which made it possible for everyone to join on any account they want to for a small amount of time. The damage was not that bad except for our factions server. I was able to restore 99% of it but still I think it's a good time to reset. As we were not yet finished with this new factions server it will stay offline for some extra days. But I will do my best do get it up as fast as possible. 

Tomorrow I will also add a progress bar for the factions server. Also new ideas are still welcome, feel free to comment on this article.

List of things that have been finished:

- World generated!

- New spawn

- Worldborder set

- Mcmmo installed

- Permissions (Ranks) added

- Factions installed

- Ban plugin installed

- Vote plugin added (No rewards yet)

- CombatLog added!

- Safezone and Warzone have been claimed! (+Bordered with bedrock)

- Shop building added! Currently amount of items: 194 (Finished)

- Some new features

Sneak peak: - Managing your factions permissions has never been so easy

Sneak peak (27 - 09 - 2015) - New factions commands!

Release is coming closer but still lots of work todo!

Blightwidow3 arnofrutos Whats the Command to Manage Perms like this? ^ ...
CalvinBenkz Will Factions start on Monday???
Blightwidow3 Cool^^ ...