Cracked launcher

[DEV] arnofrutos OwnerDEV posted Aug 22, 15

Hello guys,

Today while I was updating our HungerGames servers I got many complaints about dropping support for the 1.7.x versions. I told them to simply update to 1.8 but they immediatly answered me that they couldn't because they can't find a "good" virus free cracked launcher on the internet. And that was true, I tried it myself and I found 2 sites after searching for about 30 minutes. So I thought "can't I make a simple launcher myself for the server". And yep it worked. So now I got a first beta version I need people to test the client. Testing every single detail myself would be time consuming so I want you guys to help me.

Launcher: (Click here to download)

If you find a bug just post it in the comments our simply make a forum post about it.

Thanks in advance to all people helping me to test this launcher.

"Currently there is nothing special on this launcher. It's just a simple cracked launcher supporting every single minecraft version. But I have got some nice ideas for it."

Aidan123lol i does not work soory
ZzkdcountszZ that we can not kill?
kelly559 Soooo Instead of fixing the servers problems you just make something useless. cracked launchers are the easiest thing to ...

Topvoters of July

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The month has ended and the top 3 voters have been
announced. Our three awesome winners are:
 Herowl - 117 Votes
  Consuls - 115 Votes
  Damon - 100 Votes

Winners please contact me on skype: arnofrutos
Small notice: This month I received some reports about people voting more then allowed. After taking a look at the current serverlists we use I noticed that minecraftserverlijst (link 1) changed the vote delay from 24 hours to 12 hours. I thought about replacing that list but It's the list that made Haze so big like it's today so yeah will just allow people to take advantage of the reduced delay. 
Gunpowder Arno, I am still waiting for a reply on Skype. Its been 2 months and I still didn't get my Codes!

Today I have updated our core auth plugin to protect the server against some current bugs for example the factions kit bug, mcmmo playerdata not loading and the lose of global ranks. Those bugs are caused by some of our core plugins that use something called UUID's, those are easier to handle with and easier to save. The only problem is that they make a difference between for example "A" and "a". Which causes the above listed bugs. So from now on you will only be able to use exact the same name as the one you used to join the first time. I am aware that some of our old data forced the names to lowercase and that makes that you are not able to join the server. If you are having this problem, comment on this article with the name you are trying to use and the one it says you used at the beginning.

This is how that specific error will look like:

Jaown21 For my friend it says bluninja345 is not the same as BluNinja345. Please fix!
nika777 help me pls i lost my stuff with this stupid update. myname is nika777 and it says to put Nika77 help pls i lost all my ...
BuildCraftFTW My user is BuildCraftFTW it says to use buildcraftftw

Topvoters of June

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The month has ended and the top 3 voters have been
announced. Our three awesome winners are:
 Herowl - 93 Votes
  Gunpowder - 90 Votes
  breezyjason - 88 Votes

Winners please contact me on skype: arnofrutos
I was not able to announce the topvoters earlier because I went to a festival this
weekend and had no time at all to post them.

sonicMegaPro ola k ase =v
SuperEmil9 lol no medeja entrar¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
cristi arno i am kicked from the server because of forcefielding but i am not using forcefield!please do someting with it!

Question: Minecraft version?

[DEV] arnofrutos OwnerDEV posted Jun 30, 15

Hello guys,

Me and brendan succesfully finished our school year. This means a lot for the server cause we now both have 2 months of holiday! In those 2 months we will do our best to make the server as stable and user friendly as possible. To do this we need YOU! During the next weeks we will be testing lots of new features, bug fixes and maybe even a new ?gamemode?. Finding those bugs and new features takes a lot of time for us as staff team. And this is where you guys can help us. Did you found a bug or have an idea for a new feature / gamemode? Feel free to support us and post it on the forum. 

Also I want to know which minecraft version currently is being used the most. 1.7.x or 1.8.x (Planned to update some servers to only support 1.8.x)

Which minecraft version are you using at this moment
Elysa WTF creative is down kit pvp is down prison is down Sky block is down ... arno brendan you guys need to do something .. ...
Alw3ysTheFaggot x Alw3ys for worst mod
Alw3ysTheFaggot x Alw3ys for worst mod