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Hey there!
I just wanted to wish everyone a happy easter! :)
There is a little sale in our shop, for the ones who wants to donate their 'Easter money' to the server!
There might also be some events going on on the server in the theme of easter.
Have a nice day!

Duck plz guys i do not hack why i got banned for money hacking. Just because i have money it does not mean i hack
Duck brendan why did i get banned for money hacking i swear to god i do not hack. ask anyone on the server. zombie, brendan t ...
MastyChief PRO Do I get any exclusives for being one of the first to purchase Pro? ...

My birthday:

15 april is my birthday so we give a 33% discount for everyone on everything ! (Discount ends 17 april)


Minecraft released lots of updates this week to introduce the new namechanging feature. Because we are a cracked server your rank / items will not be transfered automatically if you will be able to change your name (premium users). But we will do it manually so no worry.
Also skins are not working for the moment if you are using 1.7.6+ this will be fixed in the next weeks.


Like you can see the skyblock server is offline and this because of a crash of the plugin we use. I will use this crash / downtime to work on the new skyblock server. This should be ready this week. (more info coming soon.

the_brendan_333 aOwner Those photoshop skills though ...
arnofrutos aOwner play.mc-haze.com
dallas_109 whats the serves ip


The month has ended, And the top 3 voters have been 

announced.  Our three winners are:

 StathisLainas7 - 75 Votes

  xTUTSALOTx - 65 Votes

BenjamenHachey- 59Votes

Announce !

Free minecraft Account for TopVoter of April !
We do this because we want to celebrate the upcomming and current voting upgrades we made!

Another thing:
Today 1-04-2014
-25% Discount on Everything in our shop!

** Both announcments are no april fools!

April Foolds Day
55endcraft55 theres a guy named keita1235 well he hacks he has fly hacks
Duck hey guys i got banned lol. zesh is one noob i hope your happy zesh.I got banned for 15 days i will see you then
Duck hey brendan and arno plz call me i need help getting my account back plz help me.Also my Dad is pretty pissed about how ...
We pronounce you our new test-mods! 
Some of them tried to be staff before and get a last chance!
There will be strict rules, if they don't follow the rules = Insta derank /  Ban ( if it is worse)
Congratulations to the new staff members!

OP_Sasuke and who make xApple1100x test-mod she is very bad and she will kick all people
OP_Sasuke your game is like trash it very bad and it lag in war all can fight and you get all those from wal-craft and minelc so y ...
Samclay51015 I am so exited i might get king rank in a few days!!!!
Hey guys,
As you all know HazeServers network really need a good staff team.
We have many players wanting to be staff and they do staff applications, but they aren't even experienced.
So if you have no big experience with big minecraft servers, please stop making staff applications.

What are we looking for, for our staff-team? :

-People who have experience with moderating a big server.
-People who are really great and fast in building ( Portfolio needed! )


-You have to be 15 or older!
-You will have to proof your identity! ( ID-card, driving license, ... )
-Experience, experience, experience!
-Be able to speak English or Dutch fluently!
-Skype profile!
-Much online on the server!
-Headset to communicate with the staff-team!


You can contact us on skype: the_brendan_333 / Staff applications


Zoals jullie allemaal waarschijnlijk wel al weten, heeft ons HazeServers network dringend staff nodig.
Er zijn wel veel spelers die staff willen worden, maar geen enkele ervaring hebben met het moderaten van een grote Minecraft server.
Dus als je geen ervaring hebt, stop dan a.u.b. met het maken van staff applications.

Naar wat zijn we op zoek? : 

-Mensen met ervaring met het moderaten van een grote Minecraft server.
-Mensen die zeer goed en snel kunnen bouwen ( Portfolio vereist! )


-Je moet 15 of ouder zijn!
-Je zal je identiteit moeten kunnen bewijzen ( ID-card, driving license, ... )
-Ervaring, ervaring, ervaring!
-Vlot Engels / Nederlands kunnen praten!
-Skype profiel!
-Veel online!
-Headset om te communiceren met het staff-team!

Alvast bedankt!

Contacteren kan via skype: the_brendan_333 / Staff applications!
thanasisg13 yes djglekke that its true but you can just do to him a simple tutorial before he become a test mod.You can explain to h ...
[Admin] djglekke aAdmin Well, let me bring an example of this that is recently happend, a test mod (who had no experience) accidently banned the ...
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