Minecraft nickname changing

the_brendan_333 Ownero posted Jan 12, 15

Ah, the circle of game development is a beautiful thing to see in action. Minecraft's name change featurehas just reached the second stage of the time-worn process. First it was teased, and now it's been announced. Stage three, of course, is implementation—due to occur on 4 February.That'll be followed by the fourth and final stage: die-hard fanscomplaining that it's ruined the game.

Mojang's announcement revealsthat name changes will be available from the Mojang account page. There are a number of rules governing how the process will work.Expectedly, players won't be able to claim existing names. It'll take 37 days after a name change for a player's old name to be made available for all, and players can only change their name once every 30 days.

Perhaps most importantly for server owners, banned players who change their names will still be banned under their new moniker. The name change function isn't a way for jerks to circumvent their bans, but rather a way for xXx_b0ngl0rd420_xXx to feel a little less ridiculous each time they log in.

For full details, head over to

P1xelat3dPikachu Bonglord. Bonglord. It feels weird saying it, but ehh.
Teunknip99 GOD lol xXx_b0ngl0rd420_xXx
TheGamerDudeHD On thing, If I change my name and then I join the server (Which I haven't if you do /f f TheGamerDudeHD Cause it will sa ...


the_brendan_333 Ownero posted Jan 1, 15


The month has ended and the top 3 voters have been 

announced.  Our three winners are:

 MRGanboo - 93 Votes

  TeDFK - 92 Votes

  DoctorBuster - 91 Votes

Winners please contact Arno on skype: arnofrutos

We are also happy with the fact that we are getting more votes since the new voting system! Keep it up guys! 

DoctorBuster Yeah ted we were tied but i dunno why i only got 91 votes ted i clearly saw on haze that i got 92 and tied with i posted ...
TeDFK What ! I tot i was tied with buster. btw arno i sended u msg on skype alr .
DoctorBuster I had 92 votes i tied with tedfk plss check my votes before reset ty


the_brendan_333 Ownero posted Dec 27, 14

Hey guys, most of the people will have already seen it that we are doing a new let's play on our channels! I wanted to introduce it a bit more, the video above is episode 3 of Trinity Adventure (On my channel). We have made a challenge that whenever you hit 30 likes on an episode in before we're recording the next episode ( 24 hours ), you need to facecam. So yeah, go like one of our videos or all of them. We love to get comments with tips or just your opinions on the series so we can try to improve and bring the content you guys would love to see. If you're not subscribed yet, here are our channels: 

  • CaptainHaze:
  • ArnoPlayz:
  • ElgooMC:
zZFireliteZz Hi arnofrutos, do you know when your going to announce the top voters? Thanks

Holiday Sale!

the_brendan_333 Ownero posted Dec 22, 14

Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year!
We hope we can keep the HazeServers network running and hope we'll grow!
The sale ends on January the 5th.
#maidbik Happy New Year !
Arkythepvper Fuckin banned Fuck you Allan
Shadow_NinjaXD Ive been banned for no reason i was lagging so bad and I got banned please help me My username is Shadow_NinjaXD help p ...

Monthly topvoters + update

arnofrutos Owner posted Dec 1, 14


The month has ended and the top 3 voters have been 

announced.  Our three winners are:

 Magsino101 - 87 Votes

  LunaticGamer - 70 Votes

 DuskHunter, camnham - 67 Votes

Winners please contact me on skype: arnofrutos

But that's not everything! Since we got a lot of negative responses on the latest voting plugin I decided to replace it with another one. I contacted some developers and with them we decided to work on a plugin which works more simple than the previous one. 

So today I started implementing the new plugin. I hope you guys like the new plugin!
Some extra info:

- /vote sites (Gives you a list of all sites you can vote on)
- /vote claim [all(/amount] (Claim your reward / Gives you the reward specified for that server. (Complete list of rewards coming soon)
- /vote top (Gives a list of top voters of that month)
- /vote alltime (Gives a list of top voters of all time)
- /vote mtop (Gives your vote count of that month)
- /vote malltime (Gives your total vote count)
Lolikun may i ask sir, will you add 'bones' in the factions shop and if yes, approximately when would it be? i really wish it wi ...
Skeletonking12 Why isn't server working atm?