Factions Crates

Brendan Haze Owner posted Sat at 1:52

Hello everyone,

I would like to announce that we have finally released crates in our Factions server.
We now have a Vote Crate, which you can keys for with voting for the server. ( Do ./vote sites ingame or use the Vote module on our site )
We also have 3 donator crates: Uncommon Crate, Rare Crate and Legendary Crate.
To unlock these crates, you will need to buy crate keys in our Donation Store.

All crates contain ranks as well, which you can even give to your friends!
I will make a tutorial on the crates soon.

Hope you all like it!

Brendan Haze,

Gaminger Ok factions have their crate keys. Just dont forget about SCB
Herowl I hope this is begin, not end of good changes on Haze. Now rewards for all the voters are very good. I hope there are st...
Alw3ys overpriced

Anti-Wolves Team

Brendan Haze Owner posted Jan 28, 16

Dear HazeServers network,

I would like to inform you that our special Anti-Wolves team has finally executed their strategy to take care of the wolves who were camping, attacking and scratching our front doors throughout all the night. 
The area has been secured and we now give you the permission to kill every wolf which is trying to breach into our local town area. ( Better known as 'The factions spawn' )

Donations towards the 'Anti-Wolves team' is greatly appreciated.
TEXT 'AW (amount)' to '012816-AW', and help us support this company.

HazeServers network, will be big soon 

The donation thing, which we mentioned was a joke. Just saying that in here in case the PD would get us arrested for charging you. You never know, these days...

RainbowGuy22 yey he screnshoted me the right time
Alejandrosennin guys i need your help i cant log in it says anticheat because of the capitalizon alejandrosennin and Alejandrosennin wha...
Blightwidow3 Overlord
blightwidow3 @ Survival Haze
War zone still has multiple wolves/dogs and no perm to kill them Brendan Haze

Server Maintenance

Brendan Haze Owner posted Jan 16, 16

The server is under maintenance and we'll clean it all up. This can take a couple of hours / days.
Thanks for understanding

HazeServers network,


Sorry for the delay, due to some problems with my internet provider I had no internet connection for the past 2 days so I couldn't fix the problems on the server.

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lugin tomara que depois dessa ``manuençao`` venha alguns mods bom para o skywars pq o que tem de hack la é absur...
Gaminger gg?

Happy New Year!

Brendan Haze Owner posted Dec 31, 15

HEITOR0102 2016
RedNeck32 Happy New Year
nats_12 Happy new year guys. Hope 2016 is going to be a good year for Haze and all hazers.

Merry Christmas!

[DEV] arnofrutos OwnerDEV posted Dec 24, 15

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Merry X-mas


VirtualPrize Merry Christmas to Everyone (Late Message)
Frolicksome Meadowlark Merry CHRISTMAS!!! Can we have gifts???? COAL FOR EVERYONE!!!!!
Gaminger Merry christmas to everyone And happy new year, with incoming players and more hackers to report!