Brendan Haze Owner posted Oct 10, 16

xEmperorGenesisx ummm the server is going 2 be 1.8 right....


Brendan Haze Owner posted Oct 10, 16

Omega Pahati22 this is what you get nah jk


Brendan Haze Owner posted Oct 10, 16

Factions Preview

Brendan Haze Owner posted Sep 13, 16

Omega Pahati22 this will be the old generation of haze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
III_OriNia_III Helper #hyped!


Brendan Haze Owner posted May 21, 16

Update #1 The giveaway will end within a few weeks. This is because I will promote it on my livestreams / youtube video's and will give some extra stuff away to give back to you! :)

We are doing a big giveaway for the donators who donate from now on. 
You will be able to win a Steelseries Siberia 800 headset.( worth: €349.99 ) 
Link of the product:

What do you need to do to enter this giveaway? 
Donating for Overlord rank, will give you 6 tickets.
Donating for God rank, will give you 3 tickets.

Buying tickets seperately is also possible for people who already own God/Overlord rank or for people who don't want to donate that much, but want to help the server out since we are low on donations.

Ticket price: €10,00 / ticket

Buy your ticket(s) here:

After purchase of Overlord rank, God rank or tickets, please contact me on skype to let me know!

Skype: the_brendan_333

Sharing this post with others will also increase your chances of winning! Second and third winner will get the chance to do a staff interview without all the waiting / hasttle.

RedNeck32 Will haze be reborn? ... time will tell!
ananinami41 Please help me Forgot your password server
_Lucky_Nester_ I Really Like Haze Servers Fun To Play And Has lots of Stuff To Do On It Love To Play But Cant Becouse I BEEN BANNED FOR...